[Note: pressing "Exit" button in the main menu of WebGL version causes "freeze" of the game. This is because you can't really exit browser tab, it just stops execution of the Unity code and freezes the thing]

Oleg the Hamster got bored in his cage and started digging. He was able to dig out to freedom and discovered a whole underground world, full of adventures and seeds! “Incredible!”, thought Oleg and decided to dig even more, going deeper and deeper! Heading to where ghosts guard the tastiest seeds! Will there be enough space in his cheek pouches for all the treasures he is going to find?

Game includes 14 puzzle levels and an epic Boss Fight!

P.S. We do really have a hamster called Oleg (you can find his photos in the game) and he was named after our friend n1k-o! Yes, the one who created music for this game! Maybe we would even try to construct some of the levels from the game in the real world and see if the hamster can get through :)

P.P.S. No hamsters were harmed while creating of this game.


LD48.zip 53 MB

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